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1. Description of Studded Tube

Studded Tubes are applied to convection chamber of heating furnace in petrochemical industry to increase the heat transfer coefficient at the fuming side. Studded Tubes are two or three times the square of light Tubes. Due to the usage of studded Tubes, the hot strength can be obtained as the same as radiation in the reasonable design. Studded Tubes manufactured by our company adopt resistance welding method. Welding process is controlled by PLC program. Feeding motor and graduation use servo motor. Studded number can be set via the human-computer interface. The graduation parameter and compensating coefficient can be set according to technical requirements to ensure the quality and precision of products.


Base Tube O.D

Base Tube Thickness (mm)

Tube Height

Tube Length (meter)

60 mm ~219 mm

4.0 mm ~20 mm

10 mm ~ 38 mm


Base Tube MaterialA106GrB, A335 P5/P9 A204 TP304

Stud MaterialCS ANSI 410, SS304 5%Cr-1/2Mo


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