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We are professional Roller Shells,Corrugated Roller Shells,Dimpled Roller Shells,Tungsten Carbide Roller Shells,Feed Mill Pellet Roller Shells,Pellet Mill Roller Shells,Animal Feed Pellet Mill Roller Shell,Pellet Machine Roller Shell,Pellet Press Roller Shell,Wood Pellet Machine Roller Shell ,sawdust roller shell,fine chemical roller shell,biomedical roller shell Factory from china
The material grade of roller shells is Alloy steel, stainless steel
The type of roller shell that we could do is  open end, closed end, HCE, HOE, HTP, straight dimple, opening of dimple, and Tungsten Carbide Roller Shells
Following is advantages of our roller shell:
Made of bearing steel, high hardness, good wearing resistance, long life, different tooth depth and shape at option;
Tooth surface forms of roller shell, good to pelleting performance
Frequently-used roller shell tooth form:honeycomb,scallop shape and scallop shape with edge banding
Honeycomb,scallop shape, the two types of roller shell is mainly used in livestock and poultry feed pelleting.
The advantage of honeycomb rolller shell is the even wearing of ring die, but coil performance is bad.
Scallop-shaped roller shell features good coil performance, widely used among feed mills, but wearing of ring die is not even.
Scallop shape with edge banding, this kind of roller shell is applicable for aquafeed. Feed is not easy to slide towards both sides when being extruded.
Please send us the drawing and quantity of Roller Shells that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side
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