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 We are professional  Mud Pump Liners,High Chrome Bi-metal Mud Pump Liners,Mud Pump Bimetal liners,Zirconia Ceramic Mud Pump Liners,Mud Pump Ceramic liner,chrome plated Mup Pump liners For Oil Well Drilling Rigs from china,

Ceramic liners have better performance than metal liners in wearproof, corrosion resistant and service life. The material of ceramic liner is the most advanced international increased flexible Zirconium. As per this materal, the tenacity breakpoint is K10--15MPa  ( 10 times of the ordinary material), bending strength is σ600--800Mpa with Weber coefficient is m18 and modulus of elestity of E200Gpa. These new ceramic liners are made for superior performance under tough corrosive and abrasive conditions. The HRC is more than 60°. Each liner is machined to close tolerances to assure ease of installation and long liner life.
High-chrome Liner for example following, 
High-chrome Liner is used as a kind of mud pump fluid end accessories in the oil drilling industry.
Our bimetal liner,, providing wear-resistant outer sleeve and high chrome corrosion-resistant inner sleeve. The high chrome liner has high rigidity of HRC>62-65 after heat treatment.
The bimetal liner offers long service life of about 800 hours, which is 2 to 3 times the lifetime of common ones in severe environmen
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