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 We are Professional Mandrel Bars,Seamless Tube Rolling Mill Mandrel Bars factory From China

We could produce mandrel bars, such as MPM, PQF, FQM, with the diameter ofΦ80-600mm, the length of 2500-18000mm. The many production processes, that include smelting, forging, rough machining, heat treatment, semi-finished & finished machining, chrome plating and phosphate treatment. The raw steel material is AISI H13 or X35CrMoV5-1-1 , based on the requirement of the clients

The mandrel bar for the production of large-sized seamless steel pipe is used in sectional structure. Its working section is exposed to complex and huge surface pressure as well as thermal cold-hot fatigue, whereas its connection part has to withstand mechanical forces during the pressing process.Mandrel bars are used in the manufacture of seamlessly rolled pipes. The approx. 1,200 °C warm, glowing blanks are pushed while turning through inclined rolls onto the mandrel bars and receive their final inner diameter from them. 

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