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 We are professional gear rack and rack gear factory from china

The material grade of gear rack that we could do is carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,brass,aluminum and so on

The module of gear rack that we could produce range from module 1 to module 30

The length of gear rack that we could produce is up to 6 meters

Our Gear rack including Spur Gear Rack, Helical Gear Rack, Square Gear Rack, Round Rack and Customized Special Racks. 

Our Rack gear have been widely used in many fields such as construction hoist,construction elevator,port machinery,Port crane,automatic doors, window openers, engraving machines,CNC Cutting Machin,CNC router gear rack,CNC router,CNC Wood Cutting Machine, lifters, escalators, automated warehousing, food machinery, power tools, machine tools, precision transmission, etc.

We could do following treatment for our rack gear:Hardened and Tempered, Case carburised, Case Hardened,Chrome Plated,Zinc-plated, Galvanized


Please send us the drawing and quantity of gear rack that you need, we are glad to quote the best price



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