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 We are professional Cylinder Liners,Cylinder Sleeves,Centrifugally Cast Cylinder liners,Dry Type Cylinder Liners,wet Type Cylinder Liners,phosphated&chrome plated cylinder liners factory from china

We have 20 CNC machine production lines and strong casting ability for cylinder liners and cylinder sleeves, can supply full finished (FF) and semi finished (SF) cylinder liners; The diameters range from 38mm to 300mm;
Our cylinder liner and cylinder sleeves are mainly used in internal combustion engines of light vehicles, tractors, heavy trucks, diesel and petrol engines, ship and marine engines,Locomotives, Oil & Gas sector, Power Plants, Gensets, Earth-moving equipments, Automobiles,gasoline engines, diesel engines, CNG Engines, generators and so on
In the long-term production practice, we form three technical advantages of material control, plateau honing pattern and heat treatment, and have many independent patents. The enterprise's core competitiveness increases stably.
Our cylinder liners is centrifugal cast from  vanadium-titanium cast iron, high-phosphorus cast iron, boron cast iron, boron-copper cast iron, chrome molybdenum copper cast iron, chrome molybdenum nickel-copper cast iron, vanadium-boron cast iron, high-molybdenum high-nickel high-intensity high-hardness alloy hard-wearing cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron and other various hard-wearing alloy cast irons.
We could various heat treatment and surface treatment for our cylinder liner and sleeves such as isothermal hardening, inside bore high frequency hardening, medium frequency hardening, nitriding, tufftriding, ionic nitriding, phosphating, surface oxidization, etc. 
Please tell us enginer type of cylinder liners, we are glad to quoted the best price for your side
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